Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mind, Heart, and Conscience

The article I read is Mind, Heart, and Conscience written by T.M. Moore. He talks about best sound doctrine that our understanding of minds and hearts are engaged together. People’s feeling and desire is to get a proper faith of human lives. The three components: mind, heart, and conscience are part of soul doctrine of efforts to learn and teach.
Conscience is the immaterial component that grows one’s value, priorities, and default choices. Conscience is the will when people thinking. To gather up the minds and hearts bring a harmonious and truthful way. Love is an issue to learn from minds and hearts. In Acts 24:16, Paul describes a “good” conscience, one that pleases God and serves men. This Scripture talks about the Christian faith for our mind and thinking of God. Our conscience is an action that we seek to have good shape for glorify God. Then how to get good conscience? We need to obey the Law of God. This law can keep our values and priorities into proper order before God. Our Action is learning priorities and choice for the will. We will learn the values, priorities, and convictions through more action of our wills.
I think the mind, body, and spirit works together in our lives. The mind, heart, and conscience are working each other through our values and thoughts. Conscience is our wills to choose by our action before God.

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