Saturday, February 5, 2011

All Mankind is Without Excuse
The article listed above debunks the common arguments that non-believers give to Christians in understanding God and His creation. Many say that if they only saw God's work or He Himself, then they would believe. But as Christians, we merely open our eyes and see His wonderful creation all around us. So how do we reach out to non-believers if they want evidence of God's existence? And is everyone truly without excuse in knowing Him as their Lord and Savior?
The article talks about the cosmological, the teleological and the anthropological arguments. The main gist to these arguments for non-believers is to say, "What caused God?" They can clearly see that every effect has a cause behind it, but there is no evidence behind what causes God's existence. So they are quick to defend their stance on saying that God must not exist. The article also mentions that Christians take a leap in faith, but yet non-believers who believe in other theories such as the Big Bang Theory is also taking a huge leap in faith.
I liked this article because it is the same discussion that we had in class. General revelation is shown to us through nature and to believers, it is evident that there is a God because of this world. But yet the big question still remains: How do we point non-believers in the direction to understanding God if they are too blind to open their eyes?
The Bible clearly says that all mankind are left without excuse in knowing Him because of what He reveals to us. It is our task as Christians to help those who are skeptical about the causes of the world around us and to help them see clearly.


  1. This is so true. I think that people who believe that this world just happened and nothing caused it have a greater faith than many Christians, the only problem is their object of their faith is much weaker than Christians. God loves His creation and chooses to show us how much by the beauty around us. I pray that non-Christians can see His love, I guess it is up to Christians to be that example for them like it says in Romans 10, How will they hear without a Preacher, and how will they hear if we do not go? Good article.

  2. Every time I have read this passage of scripture in the past, it has always bothered me because it seems as though God is being particularly harsh, uncompassionate, and almost unfair in having such a high and extreme standard for people who have not literally heard about God and the gospel message before. I have always questioned the reality that this passage of scripture states, that "...every man is without excuse...", for knowing God, solely based on the fact that God reveals Himself to man in the world around him through natural/general revelation. However, as much as I may not like to face such a seemingly harsh and extreme reality, there is also some hope and comfort in this truth. That God does reveal himself to man through the world around him, even a man that lives in the most remote and isolated location has the ability to know that there is a God, and to believe in Him. It also challenges me as a Christian to spread the gospel message to those who have not heard it, so they can have every opportunity available to learn about the God who loves them so much He died for them.


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