Friday, February 4, 2011

Professional Football Players make an impact

This clip is about a victim that was bullied on his way home from school. A group of people came and attacked him. His favorite football players came and visited him. In this clip you can hear his story.

He was traveling home from school one day and he was beat up. The bullies video taped them beating him and posted it on the internet for all to see, which turned out to be a blessing. Since they did publish it on the internet, the school was able to take action. The View had him on the show to tell his story and to encourage other people that had been a victim of this sort to come out and talk about it. They also surprised him by bring out his three favorite football players DeSean Jackson, Todd Herremans, and Jamaal Jackson. Now, I am no Eagles fan but I am really impressed that they came to this kid that has been through a tragic event to encourage him and applaud him for staying strong and telling his story.

In class we have been talking about making an impact in people's lives. These football players have clearly made an impact in the life of a middle schooler. He will never forget this as long as he lives. As Christian counselors we should be making impacts in the lives of people. We have Christ that makes an impact in people's lives and transforms them to be like him.


  1. I would really like to say that this video did not make me tear-up, but I can't. Advocacy for anyone who cannot defend or otherwise protect themselves from the myriad evils this world inflicts is a cause near and dear to my heart. I believe in standing up for people who can't stand up for themselves. I believe in protecting people who are vulnerable. And I believe in swift justice in equal measure for the victimized. I applaud these guys for making the effort (even if it was their publicist's idea) to lean down from a position of power to uplift a young man who was brutalized by his peers.

    This is the kind of message that needs to become more visible, more entrenched in the minds of those who think life is hopeless and that advocacy is just a buzz word among the well-intentioned with no plan for action.

  2. This story inspires me to help those who are victims of bullying. It is our job as Christian counselors to help those who are in need. Bullying is still a huge problem within the school system and it must be addressed. No one should have to go to school in fear and terror of what that day may bring. I am glad that the video was broadcasted to resolve this issue. I am sure victims of bullying looks up to this young man because of his bravery and courage displayed.

  3. Wow what a powerful story and I picture of counseling. Helping those who have a hard time helping themselves. I do agree Edgerton that it was their publicist's idea, but what a way to use the influence God has given them to inspire and impact others for a good cause. I think as Christian Counselor we have the same role to truly impact others, however, our cause the the greatest of all. If we do not stand in the gap who will?

  4. I agree on what you have written, giving impact to others will surely encourage and improve the victim's conditions and cure psychological factors. As a Christian Counselor we also should become a person who can impact others with the words of God, giving them hope that can assure them that they are not alone and encouragement that can build up their self esteem. They need this because many victims of bullying suffer from depression and suicide at the worse situation.

  5. This is a problem that ceases to exist. It is upsetting that in order for action to take place, an innocent person must be labeled a victim. Communities nationwide must be proactive and not reactive. School systems should implement a bullying program every quarter of the school year. They could keep track of the number of bulling incidents, with aspirations of accounts being zero. However, the programs power would not stop there. The program would also serve as a warning sign to bullies out there, letting them know that their acts of hate will not be tolerated. Furthermore, the victim in this story is in need of counseling and has every right to receive it. However, counseling for these perpetrators should not be overlook. In fact, as Christian counselors we should be willing to accept cases like such. Asking the question, what is in their life that is making them take their angry out on others? Or maybe it’s the opposite, who or what is absent from their lives? Discovering the core of their anger should be one of the counselor’s primary objectives.


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