Friday, February 4, 2011

The Divine Breath

I came across one of Rob Bell's NOOMA videos called Breathe. Rob Bell is a Pastor and the featured speaker in a series of spiritual short films called NOOMA. The trailer above briefly gives you an idea of the the paradox of what it means to be a human being. We are fragile and vulnerable, yet we have been "BREATHED" into by the Creator. During the

Short 15 min Film, Breathe

, Rob Bell uses scripture and the truth of the name LORD, or "Yahweh", to help others understand the significance of breathing. As he puts it, when you breath, when you let God in, you become aware of all the things you need to leave behind, and let go off.

In the Bible, the word Breath is the same as Spirit. The Spirit guides us into truth and will reveal to us the things we need to breathe out. What is going on inside of us? Do we have anger, concerns, stress or bitter roots? Do we need to take time to just recognize that what is flowing through us is the Divine breath that has given us life. This Breath, this Spirit, can begin the Sanctification process of becoming more like Christ.

This video has allowed me to understand how using scripture can teach and convict us of those things that are going on inside of us. Jay Adams uses Teaching and Conviction as two of the four Biblical processes to bring change in his book, How to Help People Change. I agree that to bring lasting change, a Christian counselor should use the truth in Scripture to first allow the client to learn about the power in Christ. Just as the optometrist will correct vision to help someone see better, a Christian Counselor can too teach the truth in Scripture that was BREATHED out by God (2 Timothy 3:16) that will reveal to us the things we need to breathe out. This conviction process takes place as someone is able to believe that the Spirit, or breath in us, that has given us life, is the same breath that can bring lasting change.

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