Thursday, February 3, 2011

Desperate Times Desperate Measures

When do people seek God's help? Is it only in times of trouble and desperation? At this year's National Day of Prayer, President Obama said he did not come from a religious family, but being in his leadership role for the past two years has increased his need to pray to God for help. He also quoted Abraham Lincoln who stated, "I have been driven to my knees many times by the overwhelming conviction that I had no place else to go."

The Fall of man causes everyone to face despair many times during their lifespan (Genesis 3). Drs' Tim Clinton and George Ohlschlager in their book, Competent Christian Counseling (2002) state that despair "can affect and damage the body, soul, and spirit, twist our marriages, harm our family life, and hurt all our relationships." It is no wonder that many people seek the help of a counselor.

This got me thinking about how Christians can call on an immaterial, but very much real God for help in every single one of their desperate situations. Then too, not only the most difficult situations, but also the minuscule ones. Non-believers cannot wrap their brain around the concept of an immaterial God. How do they cope when things get tough? Who do they seek for comfort in desperate times? They have no idea of the limitations they have placed on themselves.

As a Christian counselor, I will be expected to help all my clients, both Christians and non-Christians, deal with their despair and help them get closer to Christ. In order for me to know how to do this, I will need to spend time each day in the Word and in communication with God. This will enable me to stay in tune with the Holy Spirit (the immaterial) so that I can hear what it is that He wants me to say to my clients. He knows everyone's situations at all times. With the uncertainty of what each day holds, I will consider each client to be facing desperate times and I will uphold my responsibility to bring them closer to Christ (with desperate measures if I have to).


  1. good post, I often think about how i will be held responsible for my clients to be come closer to God throughout there time with me. That always seems to overwhelm me sometimes, because it not just the mess in our clients life that we are dealing with but really their souls on a lot of different levels. I don't see how anyone can think of doing this with out God.

  2. It was very encouraging to read Obama's speech from the National Day of Prayer. It was cool to hear in class yesterday about how troubling times in a person's life can make one dependent on God. Luke 12:48 states that "to whom much is given, of him much will be required." I believe it is even easier for leaders to face those desperate times in their lives because they have so much required from them. As Christians, that desperation can lead us to the arms of Christ to find our strength. It also gives me motivation to help point clients to Christ in the midst of their circumstances.


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